Planned portable equipment for satellite QSOs

Updated 2018-10-20

I’m planning to upgrade my current RX satellite setup to include a portable equipment for making satellite QSOs while going on road trip. Please feel free to comment – anything that should be changed or added? One very good link/article about a portable setup is this one from Ivo Klinkert, PA1IVO.


  • Yeasu FT-817ND
  • Bluetooth CAT interface to be able to control the radio from PC or Android

Why the FT-817? It seems to be the only all-mode transceiver  that you could use and carry a couple of hours without a big and heavy battery. My plans are to control the frequency direct via the radio. If I skip the receiver part (see below) I can run semi-duplex.

Same useful add-ons for the  FT-817 that I would like to have:


  • Yeasu FT-817ND (semi-duplex mode)
  • Laptop with Airspy Mini and SDR-Console v3 software. I have tried a Windows Tablet (Lenovo Miix, see below) and I think it was no option compared with an regular laptop.
  • Lenovo Miix 320 Windows 10 tablet. Tested with RTL-SDR v3. Have not got it to work with Airspy mini.
    CHUWI Hi12 Tablet or Hi10 Plus tablet, both Windows 10 with good battery life. Hi10 has only USB-C so an adapter is needed but is smaller then the Hi12.

Why SDR and Windows laptop as receiver? Because I love the SDR functions, I can listen with full duplex, use the doppler correction and satellite function in SDR Console V3.  But, there seems to be a lot to carry around. Shame the FT-817 is not full duplex…

Antenna VHF/UHF

  • DIY Arrrow-style hand-held yagi with both VHF and UHF.  I guess I will use the WA5VJB design as I have built these antenna before. Or I just buy one new Arrow…  Maybe try one of the Moxon designs.
  • Duplex filter if needed.

Antenna HF

  • DIY EFLW (End Feed Long WIre) dipole via a 9:1 UNUN, aprox. 16,5 meter long. Will need an ATU for this antenna.
    I haved tried a homemade EFHW without success and will in the future maybe try one of the SOTA Beams antenna designs.


And a simple FM sat setup…

  • My current Baofeng UV-5R
  • DIY Arrrow-style hand-held yagi
  • A duplex filter as the UV-5R only have one antenna jack.