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3 el UHF lightweight Yagi

This 3 el UHF lightweight Yagi by RA3TOX can be built with low cost materials like 20 mm PVC tube and tube holders as element holders. The element can be made of 3.2 mm aluminium welding rods. Making a second yagi on the same boom and it becomes a X-yagi, with correct made phasing cables.

I have built one X-yagi version and tests on the ground (see picture above) was very good, when I tested it as a SatNOGS antenna. Unfortunately, something broke when I mounted it on the mast so it is not in use.

The driven element (loop type) was kind of hard to get correct, I made several versions before I got the correct SWR for 436 MHz.

This is the drawing I used:

  • Original drawings, calculator and design by RA3TOX
  • Used by PE0SAT for his SatNOGS station. Link here.

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