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Portable batteries for ham radio

I’m using the following equipment for portable power. All from Hobbyking.

The batteries are stored in my garage in a metal trash can… in case of a battery fire… I hope not this will happen!

M8 Balanced charger

All my DC connectors are XT60 so I can easy switch between fixed power and battery. I can use the M8 charger from my 13.5V fixed power supply or from a car cig lighter adapter.

Kontakt XT60 1 Par - Skånehobby

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Can you run 10W on a 3S LiPo battery? According to Icom the radio needs at least 13.5V to work properly and also charge its little battery at the same time. Isn’t it 4S (14.8V) much better suited for IC-705?

Yes 3S LiPo is OK for 10W for the IC-705.
4S has too high voltage for the IC-705 when fully charged.


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