Amateur Radio

RS-44 portable test

The setup

In september 2022 I did a portable test via the RS-44 satellite during a high elevation pass. I was just outside my house.

I did actually managed to hear myself. But… lot of stuff to handle at the same time: Arrow pointing, VFO, MIC… My tripod was to unstable.

I have the highest respect for everyone working linear satellites portable!

I need a lot more practice before making any roving. Practice = lot of time, that I do not have.

Equipment used:

  • Icom IC-9700 (used 10 watts output)
  • Lipo battery (11.1 volt, a little low for the IC-9700)
  • Standard MIC
  • Audiotronica HIFI headphones
  • Arrow Yagi
  • Hyperflex 5 coax cables
  • I tripod that did not work so well…

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