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Koss SB-45 Headset for IC-9700

Koss SB-45

I have been looking for a headset for my IC-9700 and read that many are very pleased with the Koss SB-45 (SB/45) PC headset with electret microphone element.

I got one for 20 EUR via the Swedish eBay site Tradera. I made a DIY adapter for the Icom standard 8-pin Mic connector – just connected pin 7 ”Mic ground” and pin 1 ”Mic input” to a 3.5mm female connector.

8 pin MIC adapter DIY

This is the pinout for the Icom 8 pin connector:

Icom Mic pinout

Here are some very short audio samples – first with the standard Icom mic and the second with the Koss SB-45. I’m using USB and maybe not exactly on the correct frequency when I did the recordings:

Icom HM-219 original mic
Koss SB-45 controlled with VOX

Some useful links:

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