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Koss SB-45 Headset for IC-9700

Koss SB-45

I have been looking for a headset for my IC-9700 and read that many are very pleased with the Koss SB-45 (SB/45) PC headset with electret microphone element.

I got one for 20 EUR via the Swedish eBay site Tradera. I made a DIY adapter for the Icom standard 8-pin Mic connector – just connected pin 7 ”Mic ground” and pin 1 ”Mic input” to a 3.5mm female connector.

8 pin MIC adapter DIY

This is the pinout for the Icom 8 pin connector:

Icom Mic pinout

Here are some very short audio samples – first with the standard Icom mic and the second with the Koss SB-45. I’m using USB and maybe not exactly on the correct frequency when I did the recordings:

Icom HM-219 original mic
Koss SB-45 controlled with VOX

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Amateur Radio

RS-44 portable test

The setup

In september 2022 I did a portable test via the RS-44 satellite during a high elevation pass. I was just outside my house.

I did actually managed to hear myself. But… lot of stuff to handle at the same time: Arrow pointing, VFO, MIC… My tripod was to unstable.

I have the highest respect for everyone working linear satellites portable!

I need a lot more practice before making any roving. Practice = lot of time, that I do not have.

Equipment used:

  • Icom IC-9700 (used 10 watts output)
  • Lipo battery (11.1 volt, a little low for the IC-9700)
  • Standard MIC
  • Audiotronica HIFI headphones
  • Arrow Yagi
  • Hyperflex 5 coax cables
  • I tripod that did not work so well…

Amateur Radio

IC-705 IC-9700 scope setup

On YouTube there are several videos about setting up the spectrum scope of the Icom IC-705 and IC-9700. Last in this post I have linked one of these videos and I have actually done every step. It is now much better then the original settings.

I’m using colours like the one in SDR-Console software because that is how I’m used to have it.

The REF adjustment is very good to adjust when needed, to get the best contrast in the scope.

Also adjusting the SPAN to what you would like to see at the moment is a great function.

But, the best improvement for me was to change CENTER Type Display to Carrier Point Center (Abs. Freq.).

Here is the video from Ham Radio DX channel: