Amateur Radio

QO-100 SatRover fixed setup

Final fixed dish setup

This is my final QO-100 fixed setup with the SatRover:

  • SatRover Mk 1 from PE1CKK
  • 2.4 GHz Helix (as a part of SatRover)
  • LNB a part of the SatRover, feed with normal 75 ohms TV cable coax
  • 60 cm dish from Triax (TD64) branded as Canal Digital
  • IC-705 as TRX
  • 10 dB attenuator and a number of meters of Hyperflex 5 coax cable to make the output on 2.4 GHz at the Helix to aprox 100 mW (legal power limit in Sweden)
The SatRover combined 2.4 GHz TX Helix and LNB for 10 GHz RX
First test of fixed installation
Read connections of the SatRover

SatRover and the IC-705
Frequency stability test with an web SDR receiver for full duplex and FT8. Very good!
Amateur Radio

First QO-100 QSO April 2024

Today 12 April 2024 I made my first QO-100 QSOs via FT8 and FT4 with the SatRover transverter in the garden outside our house. I got a small pile-up!